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VantagePoint AI: A Trading Software Pioneer

Keeping up with the rise and fall of the market is difficult at best. Being successful in trading is a skill few people have – in fact, 96% of those trading in the markets are losing money. One has to understand the inner workings of the market, and research persistently as the markets change every day. With the advent of software and the internet, traders have the opportunity to change the odds. Now, a trader is only as good as the software tool he uses.

One of the pioneers of trading software is VantagePoint AI which was established even before the term “fintech” came about. Headquartered in Wesley Chapel, Florida, just north of Tampa, VantagePoint AI is a multi-million dollar trading software company with customers in more than 120 countries.

We interviewed the company’s President, Lane J. Mendelsohn to learn more about the company.

Could you tell us about your company in brief?

VantagePoint AI was founded by my father, Louis B. Mendelsohn, in 1979.My dad is a prominent technical analyst and a trading software pioneer. Our company was the very first trading software developer in the world to introduce strategy backtesting capabilities in trading software for personal computers.

We are still at the forefront of trading software research and software development. However, our work today is rooted in the application of artificial intelligence technologies to our patented intermarket analysis. Through our technology we analyze today’s global interconnected financial markets utilizing powerful neural networks.

Tell us about some of VantagePoint AI’s recent innovations.

Recently, we developed some new indicators by combining several other indicators. The outcome of this was that we came up with a unique set of tools allowing traders to identify many indicators which measure various things with ease and with speed.We continue to invest in R&D and a lot of collaborative thought to know which indicators need to be measured, how we want to measure them and how to display the output.

Would you consider innovation a single time process or a continuous?

We are a trading software company so by our very nature we need to innovate all the time. Our world is changing very quickly. The financial markets constantly change; stocks go up and down all the time. There are other factors to consider too -- like constantly changing interest rates and changing currency prices. So, innovation definitely has to be continuous because nothing we deal with is static.

At VantagePoint, we place a high value on innovation. It is innovation that helps us push the limits of technology and increase the odds of success for our customers when they are trading in the markets. So, constant research and development is crucial.

What raises the effectiveness of a team?

Communication is absolutely the most crucial element. Second would be teamwork. It is important to collaborate and work together towards achieving the end goal. Respect is another of our core values. A team must be respectful of different ideas, people who come from different

backgrounds and the experiences that they bring to the table. On our front wall, we have communication, teamwork, and respect in 5 foot letters as part of our eight core values. Also, integrity is really important when working in a team.

Have you ever had the chance to turn an industry problem into an opportunity?

We occupy a unique place in the market as we are in the trading space and also in the artificial intelligence space. But one of the problems with the trading space is that – trading is hard. In trading, there are a lot of nuances to take care of and a lot of ways in which traders can end up being unsuccessful. We have addressed this by providing our customers with the extensive coaching and training so that they can take maximum advantage of the tools we provide for success.

It is very important that we deliver our sophisticated tools, AI and neural network processes to our user base in a way that is simple for them to use; in fact, we don’t even want them to have to consider all the complex calculations going on behind the scenes. We have been able to do that – and we frequently hear from our traders about how easy our software is to use.

What do you see in the future for VantagePoint?

The future for us is all about continuing to develop the technology we already have. Our technology is amazing; it uses the latest in computer science and artificial intelligence. But we are constantly experimenting to find new ways of taking our technology to the next level. We believe that if we can increase the accuracy by even one percentage for our traders, it will dramatically increase their profitability. So, we put our efforts in achieving that 1% accuracy – that may seem small and hardly  something worth celebrating but for our traders and for us it absolutely is.

Meet the Leader

Lane J. Mendelsohn, President

Mr. Mendelsohn has been involved in the financial industry since the mid-1980s. He has contributed to the company’s growth as a multi-million dollar Inc. 500 company. He’s involved in every aspect of the company’s operations including sales, marketing, research and development, trader education, website development, recruiting, employee training, and general management.

He was recognized as an honouree for the Up & Comers Award in the 30 Under 30 category by the Tampa Bay Business Journal in 2009. He has been featured in many publications including Benzinga, Entrepreneur Podcast Network, Keeping Stock, and US News & World Report. Vantagepoint is regularly recognized as one of the Best Places to Work in Tampa Bay.

“ Now more than ever, today’s markets are globally connected. By utilizing the power of AI, VantagePoint has continued to empower traders for nearly 40 years.”

“Use Artificial Intelligence Trading Software to predict market trends with up to 86% accuracy.”