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We are focused on helping enterprises generate measurable economic value from data: Flytxt

Flytxt provides NEON-dX, an enterprise class software product for intelligent digital customer engagement automation. The product enables Artificial Intelligence based autonomous customer value management, helping enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation journey and generate measurable economic value faster and more efficiently. The solutions powered by Flytxt's products and services help enterprises to grow revenues, reduce churn and enhance customer experience. The company serves more than 100 customers across 50 countries including some of the largest Telcos, financial institutions and global brands. Flytxt has consistently delivered up to 7% economic impact to its customers with its full solution combining software products, enabling services, best practices and partner ecosystem. The company has its headquarters in The Netherlands, offices in Dubai and India and regional presence in Paris, London, Singapore, Nairobi, and Mexico City.

Vision: Generate >10% Measurable Economic Value from Data through Customer Data Analytics.

Corporate Values

The Flytxt team is guided by the value of Ambition Integrity Innovation Collaboration and Excellence. Flytxt nurtures innovation through creative thinking and breakthrough approaches in Big Data Analytics and Telecom Marketing techniques. The company encourages a collaborative approach unifying the actions of Technology, Consulting and Execution teams in order to guarantee the value delivered to its customers. Flytxt ensures high degree of excellence in what is delivered to its customers, through adhering to superior technology, processes and global best practices. The company preaches integrity to remain open, honest and committed to all promises given to its customers and stakeholders. Flytxt team is constantly encouraged to remain ambitious in taking up newer challenges and attempting newer avenues to realize more economic value for customers.

Precis of NEON- dX

It is an enterprise-class software product for intelligent digital customer engagement automation. The product packages Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Marketing Automation capabilities to help enterprises drive customer value management and generate measurable economic value faster and more efficiently. The product is deployed with more than 50 enterprises across 40 countries, analysing data of over 600 million mobile consumers and executing more than 6000 analytical models per day. In the following paragraphs you get to know more about its advantages:

Seamless Data Access

NEON-dX can access variety of high volume data from enterprise, 3rd party and open data sources through its pre-built configurable interfaces in batch and real-time. It can access data be it structured, semi-structured or unstructured from virtually any source and then transform the data as per the business logic configured through UI.

Packaged Analytics

NEON-dX offers packaged analytical models, smart visualizations and exploratory analysis templates for business users. These analytical models are created using advanced analytics and machine learning techniques for predicting churn score, recommending best fit offers, etc. Apart from packaged analytical models, the product also provides packaged dashboards that provide actionable insights for faster decision making as well as templates to do drill down analysis of segment behavior, campaign impact analysis, etc.

Custom Analytics

NEON-dX offers model development environment for data scientists and business users for collaborative customer insight modelling. It provides a set of model templates to rapidly create, deploy, test and optimise analytical models. The run time environment supports creation of models in different languages like R, Python and Scala. Users can publish models which can be then consumed by business users in their marketing applications on NEON-dX.

Intelligent Conversational Interface

NEON-dX has an intelligent voice interface that can help enterprises to have personalised human-like natural conversations on any digital touch point supporting Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The voice interface can leverage AI and packaged analytics capabilities of NEON-dX to guide consumers with right offers and actions to fulfill their needs seamlessly during voice conversations.

Real-time, Closed-loop, Integrated Workflows

The product is designed to consume insights and enable integrated, closed-loop, real-time execution of actions and decisions across business workflows. NEON-dX reduces typical data to action time from days to minutes/seconds as users can manage end to end workflows for data ingestion to data analysis, segmentation, customer communication, tracking, fulfilment and impact measurement from one single interface.

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Stevie Winner at International Business Awards 2017

Pipeline’s Innovation Award 2016 - Innovation in Big Data and Analytics

CMO Asia Telecom Excellence Awards 2015 for 'Best Analytics Product for Telecom Industry'

iCMG Architecture Excellence Awards 2014 for ‘Software Architecture in IT Products’

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Meet the CEO

Dr.Vinod Vasudevan is responsible for driving the company’s strategic direction and overall management. He brings to Flytxt more than 20 years of experience in mobile industry across the world. He has held senior management roles in technology start-ups, applied R&D and large telecommunications companies like Reliance Communications, India, Newstakes Inc, USA, KRDL, Singapore and NTT, Japan. An industry thought-leader, Dr.Vasudevan holds several patents and has won many awards. He is an alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

The solutions powered by Flytxt's products and services help enterprises to grow revenues, reduce churn and enhance customer experience.