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“We are Suria Labs. The best web & app development agency in Malaysia”

Suria Labs is a full-stack development and consultancy firm located at the MSC Cybercity of Bangsar South. The organization specializes in designing web and mobile application using advanced technologies such as Ruby on Rails and React Native.

The company’s international and local clients expect the company to produce high-end and sustainable software which is seamless in maintaining the pace of development. Suria has been successful in keeping up the expectations every time.

The company quotes, “We deliver this time and time again by using test-driven-development, daily code review and an established agile project management methodology.”

Suria Labs consultancy arm has over 10 years of experience which is often much-loved by startup founders looking to develop an MVP. The company assists in market validation, product ideation and turning ideas into blueprints that can be used to present to potential investors. Suria takes up the responsibility of helping founders avoid common technology pitfalls and recommend them the best-practice solutions to solve their problems.

One beautiful thing about this company’s work is that they accomplish developing app remotely, which means that they deliver apps for clients’ without even meeting them. To make a seamless communication, Suria Labs will pick the best tools for communication through email, instant messaging, and video calls in spite of time dissimilarities.

Products that give you seamless work experience

Full Service Development

This tool is the first service offering which is designed to manage right from design, to development to maintenance. Suria Labs loves to work on exciting projects.

Requirements Engineering

Suria’s road mapping process alters its client's napkin sketches to a development ready blueprint.

Staff Augmentation

The tool helps companies allocate its experts or staff to easily unify with your in-house team to offer the required support.

CTO Consultation

Whether you need staff training, solution architecture, consultation for technology, or development best practices, Suria Labs is here to help!



The company has expertise in unifying applications with Ethereum, Bitshares, Bitcoin and EOS. It also collaborates with their RPC APIs or create smart coins and smart contracts. Alongside, offer consultation for the apt blockchain solution for your business.

Web Development

Ruby on Rails is Suria’s favored framework for building fast prototypes and MVPs as it enables teams to collaborate better through its convention over configuration principle which makes it easy to hand off to your in-house development team after the MVP phase.

Scalable Applications

For developing top-class applications, Suria works with Elixir, Golang, and AWS Backend as a Service (BaaS). These technologies also allow Suria to build scalable backends for a post MVP phase, when the user traction of your product increases.

Successful partnerships


After Fave possessed Groupon Malaysia and Indonesia, they got in touch with Suria Labs to check their system architecture. The firm took their current API implementation and rebuilt it to include test coverage. As part of its CTO Consultation service, Suria is glad to say, the technological merger was seamless.


Connecting people hiring and people offering services. Service providers can create their profiles, converse with clients, send deals and receive payment (by cash, card or crypto), all via the app.

This is a turn-key project where Suria has been Blocser's technology partner from day one. “We build the app from scratch and published the first version of the app to the App Store and Play Store in December 2018- 1 month before the deadline!”


The app allows users to set savings goals and make one time or recurring investments towards those goals. It links up to your bank account and credit card for an effortless integration.

“Originally we were tasked to handle the front end app development only. However, halfway through the project, we took over the development of the serverless back end as well.” 

Wish A Dish

Struggling to find or decide what to eat? Wish a Dish helps you to locate and filter dishes based on your diet or mood.

This is a Suria Labs born and bred product. Everything from ideation, conception, requirements engineering, design, development to shipping was proudly done in-house by the talented folks at Suria Labs.

What the customers have to say…

“Suria Labs is a great partner - it’s not outsourcing, but a complete service as if they are right next to you in the office. Tremendous communication, agility and flexibility all the way. Our product got a lot better than what we had hoped for. They took it beyond the briefs and made it very usable and effective. Pivoting the business model along the way and contributing with great ideas when we felt stuck or challenged… RESPECT!” -Henrik Danbjørg, CEO Blocser APP

“Navag8’s mission is to bring a new frontier to the financial services industry that will cost efficiently improve the way customers experience financial products on a mass scale. We engaged Suria Labs because of their fluency in React Native and understanding of cloud services which has enabled the delivery of what is now highly secure, scalable & well-defined serverless architecture.

Despite both the time difference between Australia and Malaysia and the intricate regulatory components to our product offering, communication and execution from Sam and the team was extremely smooth and I’d highly recommend them to anyone undertaking a complex project.” -Tom Ryan, Head of Product & Co-Founder, Navag8

Bjarte Olsen, Co-Founder/CEO

“We pride ourselves in delivering products powered by high quality code.”

“At Suria Labs, we have a strict development process, which includes Test Driven Development, passing code analysis tools and peer code reviews to ensure the software is ready to scale with your app.”

“We are a team of sharp, professional, inquisitive and unstoppable individuals who make up a highly oiled machine that is Suria Labs.”