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“We are what set our products apart from the rest” Centric Business Systems

The combination of hardware, software, and support, needs to positively impact the bottom line of any enterprise today. To have such an impact, companies often rely on solutions which raise every aspect of the customer experience. This is where Baltimore-based Centric Business Systems comes in.

We’re introducing to you Centric Business Systems, a company that provides more than just office technology by combining top-quality products and comprehensive services to deliver outstanding solutions. With Centric, clients meet their goals with the benefit of peace of mind. “We have the products, skills, and experience necessary to maximize the efficiency of your document management environment,” says the President of Centric Business Systems, Alex Richard (Rick) Bastinelli.

So what does Centric do? “We provide end-to-end solutions to ensure that our clients’ organizations run efficiently and effectively,” Bastinelli explains. Hardware, customizable software, support, print solutions, or anything else- Centric is there every step to identify and implement effective solutions. Since every client’s needs are different, the company delivers tailor-made document management solutions to incorporate cutting-edge technology with the goals and strategies important to your office technology environment.

How it all began

Centric was established by current ownership in 1990. Back then, the company had just 10 employees, around 200 customers, and their  revenue was $700,000. With the passing decades, Centric has grown radically with numerous acquisitions. Today, there are over 250 employees, 15,000 customers, and $60 million in revenue. “Our goal is to improve our clients‘ operational efficiency and we are passionate about finding the small details that transform a document management solution into a true game changer,” he says.

It started as an office products company to provide the traditional hardware to copy, print, fax, and scan. Through the years, it has evolved to offer the software to help businesses migrate to digital workflow and manage documents electronically. While the company has expanded and grown over the years, one thing has remained constant- Centric’s focus on evolving technology and how it can help customers. “We are centered on workforce technology such as managing and disseminating documents through the cloud, mobile printing and utilizing tools to present, communicate and collaborate,” notes Bastinelli. “The key is to help companies improve efficiency and increase productivity.”

A wide range of services


By partnering with leading industry manufacturers including Ricoh, Sharp, Kyocera, and HP, Centric is able to provide cutting-edge technology. At Centric, it’s all about customized solutions and that’s delivered through offering the best brands, experience and support.

Workflow analysis

At Centric, they offer a detailed analysis of their clients’ workflow to better understand their goals. As a result, they are able to develop a highly customized solution that increases efficiency, maximizes productivity, and cuts unnecessary costs.


Software solutions provide many benefits. “Whether you require cost-recovery software that will effectively manage all document output to identify areas of cost-cutting or you need data encryption and overwrite capabilities that ensure that your business is on the cutting edge of reliable security, our customizable software will meet your organizations’ needs,” explains the President.

Managed Print Services

When it comes to printing, many organizations aren’t aware of how much they actually spend. The Managed Print Services program provides a document output strategy that will help improve the tracking and visibility of printing costs as well as maximize the efficiency in your print environment.

Managed Services

Whether your goal is to cut costs, gain peace of mind, or optimize performance, Centric’s managed services can meet your needs and allow you to focus on what you do best: managing your business. The firm will manage print services, IT services, and provide facility management to ensure that all your needs are met along the way.

Center of Innovation

That’s a wide range of solutions! But when we’re talking about the office technology industry, one needs to keep in mind that it’s constantly evolving. The industry requires continuous reinvention. When asked about these changes, Bastinelli says that Centric is “currently experiencing mega shifts and possibly the greatest level of change in the past 20 years.” For instance, integrating intelligent process automation (IPA) is revolutionizing how businesses can make improvements and optimize efficiencies with the help of artificial intelligence. From document generation to advance workflow, mobile apps to intelligent routing and archiving, Centric is providing solutions that advance the IT platform for their customers.

Another constant factor in innovation is customer service. “At Centric, customer service is not an action; it is a philosophy that is embedded in Centric’s culture to ensure that our customers are provided with outstanding service,” he explains. With every new client, the first step is to approach them from a consultative standpoint. At Centric, it ultimately comes down to one main goal- to build a relationship in which they can support the growth and sustainability of the organizations they serve.

The team at Centric is dedicated to finding ways to optimize document performance. Throughout the entire sales process, the team of highly trained account executives and specialists are able to provide a single source solution for all their clients. Even when clients require support, there is an expert and responsive team of individuals specialized in hardware, software, production, wide format, training and customer care, there to support them every step of the way. Centric’s philosophy on customer support makes them able to assess any challenging situation and provide timely reconciliation to any issues or concerns.

In other words, Centric provides an uncompromising commitment to customer service through outstanding people. Every new employee goes through extensive training, development, and on-boarding. The leadership team also provides engagement at all levels of the customer experience. All team members exemplify the company’s corporate culture, which is the foundational key to executing that commitment.

"Our mission is to provide innovative solutions with integrity, outstanding service, excellent value and an unwavering commitment to total customer satisfaction."