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We find truth in a digital world: Nuix

Nuix designs creative softwares that strengthen firms to rapidly find out the truth from any data in a digital world. The company satisfies its customers by creating softwares that can transform data into actionable intelligence.

Nuix software aids companies get rid of the challenges of litigation, investigation, risk, compliance, governance, and security.


Corporations: The typical company has generated a bigger digital footprint in the last two years than in all its previous years of existence. Nuix supports companies using this data to solve business problems and brings significant value to the organization.

For instance, the firm’s software enabled a company to develop a litigation-ready data lake, keep it advanced with incoming information, safeguard and supervise to protect intellectual property and personal information, support compliance response requirements, support the investigation teams who are working with the data lake and individual endpoints, and enhance the analytics and scrutinize process for every case.

Government: Government agencies face the same problems as private companies face. At the heart of critical government data issues lies the need to investigate information. As data continues to grow in volume and complexity, you need smarter and more efficient ways to understand the content of that data. Government agencies globally utilize Nuix software to probe and eliminate crime and fraud, conduct legal and regulatory cases, and protect crucial systems and data from harmful attack and misuse.

Law enforcement: Criminals are taking advantage of technology to commit crimes and evade detection. Growing data volumes and the rise in evidence coming from mobile devices, social media, and cloud computing are crushing investigators’ ability to make informed decisions.

Complex criminal cases can involve multiple suspects, many devices, large volumes of data, and cross local, state, and national boundaries. You need to distribute the workload between many people and collaborate effectively with counterparts in other jurisdictions.

Solutions rendered

Nuix eDiscovery solution helps law firms and legal team empower, get the pace that is needed to look out for the complexity and challenges of today’s eDiscovery.

Nuix is used for early case assessment and investigation to document review and trial preparation which has an exclusive visual approach that enables legal teams and litigation support expertise pertaining to any legal matter.

Nuix Investigations tool helps you safeguard your data 24/7, 365 days a year. Fraudsters skillfully track your confidential data; the digitization of crime is highly seen in social media, mobile devices, cloud computing which are intruding investigators’ to make timely, informed decisions.   

The volume of data involved in criminal activity and wrongdoing is increasing daily and traditional detection methods are struggling to keep up.

How is Nuix Ringtail beneficial?

Amazingly Fast Review

Dramatically improve the speed and quality of your document review while delivering profound time and cost savings.

Powerful Analytics

Give all members of your legal team access to advanced data visualizations and everyday analytics—all as part of the base Nuix Ringtail license—to find key facts and patterns in your case data more quickly.

Efficiency and Productivity

Manage all your litigation projects using multi-tenancy reporting and tracking; rapid start-up, training, and support; and cross-functional eDiscovery workflows that make you more efficient and productive.

Nuix Investigate is your friend in need

Nuix Investigate provides you with effective visualizations to show you at a glance who the key players in a case are and what they’re doing.

You can share, search, and analyze case data anytime, from any web browser, alongside other investigators working the same case, no matter where they are, all without needing to deploy complex hardware or client software.

Ultimately, with the help of Nuix software you can make quick and sensible decisions

Reach your goal faster than expected

Establish your case position sooner and identify the most influential suspects with a graphical analytical interface that shows who is talking to whom, about what, and how often—across many communication channels.

Improve productivity and save time

Conduct repetitive tasks consistently across multiple sets of data, cases, locations, or systems, and build clear insights as you drill deeper into the evidence.

Collaborate and Share, Securely

Enable investigators and other stakeholders to collaborate on case data and digital evidence, all while protecting sensitive information in the case with role-based access to the data and to product features.

Rod Vawdrey, Group Chief Executive Officer

After more than 35 years’ experience in the IT industry now as Group Chief Executive Officer, Nuix, Vawdrey’s priority is to continue the momentum of International expansion and establishing Nuix as a leader not only in its traditionally strong markets of eDiscovery and Investigations, but also in Cyber Security and Intelligence. Rod says, “This next chapter in Nuix will see us expand our reach in terms of new geographies and our partner network. We will also pursue our goal of becoming an leading employer of choice in all parts of the business with significant hiring planned in development and distribution.”

Ethan Treese, CEO, North America

Proven Executive with demonstrated success driving growth and transformation in information services and technology companies. Industry experience includes marketing and sales tech, data and analytics, risk management, “As-a-Service” solutions, eDiscovery, investigations, and cybersecurity. Recognized for building and developing teams that consistently deliver exceptional results and create new market opportunities. Strong leadership and proven history of attracting and establishing loyal, motivated, and highly successful teams. 

“Nuix understands the DNA of data at enormous scale. Our software pinpoints the critical information organizations need to anticipate, detect, and act on cybersecurity, risk, and compliance threats.”

“Our intuitive platform identifies hidden connections between people, objects, locations, and events—providing real-time clarity, control, and efficiency to uncover the key facts and their context.”