Apple’s New Voice Cancellation Airpods Are Here

apple airpods pro

Apple has been working on its noise-canceling AirPods for a while now and at last, it has come up with a new metal design to support the noise cancellation. It is expected to arrive later this month.

The AirPods Pro is a high-end version of the famous wireless earbuds and they also have the same in-ear design of the current AirPods. The Airpods Pro also has water resistance which makes them good for the gym and other outdoor activities.

Apple’s latest revelation can be considered as a sign that the latest AirPods may be out soon enough.

But if the premium mobile-maker plans on delaying the release, a number of competitors will be up against Apple in the race including Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. All the tech giants are introducing their earbuds starting with Amazon echo which comes in at the lowest price-range in the bunch. Amazon’s product also presents the Boss technology-enabled noise reduction. In the meantime, Microsoft’s Surface Earbuds is coming up with tap and swipe gestures to control music and its Office 365 apps. Google’s second-generation of Pixel buds are expected to be on the shelves by next spring.