Apple offers to fix damaged devices for free in Japan

apple fixes damaged devices

This month saw a heavy downpour in Japan leading to floods in South-West Japan. The torrential rain caused a lot of human and infrastructural causalities. Apple on humanitarian grounds has offered to repair any Apple device that was damaged during the disaster for free. The list of devices that Apple is offering to repair is extended to any of the iPhone mobiles, iPads and iPods. Although, the repair service is not extended to Apple’s accessories or Beats products.

Residents of the flood-hit areas can call the Apple Support team directly by reaching them at
0120-27753-5 and applying. Apple has asked to not submit any requests online. Residents seeking help will have to produce a proof of ownership of a device to avail the repair service. Apple will be extending this support until the end of September.

Apple further said in its blog post that the pickup and delivery service may be suspended in some of the flood-afflicted areas that could make their service a bit sluggish. It is a big-hearted gesture from Apple to provide some relief to those affected by the floods that resulted in $6.69 billion in damages.