iOS12 to help save lives now!

apple ios12 saving lives

iPhone mobile phones starting with iOS12 will share data with emergency services to allow faster response after a 911 call is made. Apple has collaborated with a start-up RapidSOS to find a solution to pinpoint caller location which is at times difficult, post a 911 call is placed.

RapidSOS which works on improving the backends of emergency services in the country says that its technology is capable of delivering much more accurate data to 911 dispatchers with faster location detection, both indoors and outdoors from the different sensors available in the phone devices. Its technology shares not just GPS location but nearby Wi-Fi Access points, cell towers, Bluetooth beacons, and info from the user's barometric pressure sensors to better locate the caller.

With more than 80% of incoming emergency calls originating from a cell phone in some areas, according to National Emergency Number Association, knowing where someone is located will make a big difference in sending a faster response to an emergency incident. This will eliminate the tricky job dispatchers have of talking to panicked callers and discerning their location.

At present, the feature is announced for only iOS12. The solution is expected to be released later this year.