Facebook spotted testing a new feature called Popular Photos

facebook popular photos instagram

Ever since Instagram and Snapchat became a trend among millennials, Facebook has been trying every trick in the book to bring back its users. In its latest feature, it has copied the main ingredient of Instagram and has launched it in the form of “Popular Photos” by Facebook that algorithmically presents you with a set of photos when you open a picture of any user in full-screen mode.

The latest feature will let the user endlessly scroll through an account’s most popular images without endless tapping and loading. This in-built feature in the Facebook app will reveal the date and time of the image when it was uploaded along with any other text that comes along with it. Users will, as usual, have the ability to like and comment on the picture.

Facebook’s News Feed requires a lot of tapping and loading to go through it and the company is adapting its features more like Instagram which allows easy scrolling and other features like press and hold to enlarge the image also.

The latest Popular Photos feature comes out to reinvent the method of browsing through images so that users can go through the content easily without having to go through the text content and the heavy News Feed of Facebook. It is unclear when Facebook will be releasing this feature but for now, the social media giant is busy testing the new feature for select mobile users.