Google Discover launches in the U.S. replacing the iconic Google homepage

google discover launches in us

As Google announced last month, on its 20th anniversary, Google’s Discover has made its way to Google’s US homepage on mobile. Google Discover brings a card-based news feed onto the most trafficked page in the world, the Google search page.

“We’re giving the feed a name that reflects this mission: Discover. With this new name comes a fresh design that makes exploring your interests easier than ever,” Google wrote in its blog post.

Discover is Google’s way of getting better at not just delivering the best results for a search topic, but also suggesting things you want to see before you even ask. “Discover is unique because it's one step ahead: it helps you come across the things you haven't even started looking for,” says Google.

Using Discover through the Google app allows you to customize your feed, like, adding topics to subscribe to or a tap in the upper right corner of each card to take additional actions, such as hiding the card, etc. In addition to that, a control icon on the bottom-right corner of each card lets you choose if you want more or less content on that topic.

Google inaugurates Discover in the U.S. with support for English and Spanish and “will expand to more languages and countries soon,” said Google. The new feature can be accessed from mobile browsers including Chrome and Safari on both iOS and Android devices.