An iOS bug which prevented app downloads was patched

ios app store bug fixed

An iOS bug was preventing users from downloading new apps and updates from the App Store. The bug that plagued an unknown number of users was finally patched yesterday.

The bug reportedly caused the Terms & Conditions dialog box to pop up when the users tapped the “Agree” button. The users could not workaround the Terms& Condition pop-up either. All the users could do was to tap “Cancel” to get out of the loop. Many irked iOS users took to Twitter seeking a resolution for the issue.

AppleInsider has reported that the looping problem began at around 11 p.m. ET on April 24. Customers were not able to download new apps or get updates after the issue began. Reports from across the web suggest that the affected people mostly consisted of those users who were using either public or developer beta versions of the iOS. It is understood that the bug affected a small percentage of Apple’s iOS users worldwide.

The premium mobile maker has rolled out the fix in the meanwhile. The users will not have to avail the update separately as the issue will be resolved on the App Store’s backend.