Mint Mobile comes up with exciting deals for short period

mint mobile attractive offers

Mint Mobile has put forth some attractive deals for a short period. The offer is available for unlocked iPhone which has no interest and the payable amount is just $19 a month.

Not just that, it is also giving away iPhones ranging from iPhone 7 to iPhone XS Max. Furthermore, it is giving 3 months of free service including 8GB of LTE data and messages and calls free of cost.

Mint Mobile has made things easy for you. Generally, if you want to get an unlocked iPhone but do not have cash, you will be forced to purchase the phone using carrier financing. But Mint Mobile will not work that way, If you wish to use the service beyond three months, it is not mandatory that you have to use Mint Mobile to move forward with your financial agreement.

If by chance things do not work according to you, you can change the phone’s SIM card and continue using as it was before. You will have to pay phone’s monthly payments without any penalty.

“We have an incredible service and it's incredibly disruptive. We're so confident in how good our service is that Mint is willing to finance your iPhone at zero percent and include three months of service for free,” says the company.