Not one, but two more foldable phones from Samsung?

samsung plans 2 foldable phones

It’s the season of foldable phones. We’ve heard a lot about the upcoming tech involving mobile devices that fold to present a small screen and opens up to a larger screen: your foldable phone. A lot of companies have begun pitching in to make these devices including Royole Corporation, Huawei, Samsung, and others. Other tech giants like Microsoft have been building their software for these foldable gadgets.

In the race to be the first to launch a foldable phone, Samsung has come with the latest announcement. With the upcoming Galaxy Fold, Samsung is keen to launch two more phones that are certainly different in design. Galaxy Fold attracted attention for its sleek design on the outside and the tablet-sized design on the inside, just like a book.

Out of the two new proposed phones, one of them comes with ‘a large screen that wraps around the outside of the device.’ This is very similar to what Huawei is proposing with its Mate X. The second phone suggests ‘a vertically-oriented clamshell phone with a smaller external display.’ The second device is quite similar to what Lenovo is designing for the foldable Motorola RAZR.

Sources cite that the second clamshell designed mobile might release this year or early next year and the other one might follow later. Meanwhile, you can expect the Galaxy Fold to release in a couple of months after Samsung perfects its durability and screen creases.