Arris International launches world’s first EasyMesh certified Wi-Fi extender

arris launches easymesh wifi extender

Arris International Plc, the British telecommunications company has become the first company to launch a Wi-Fi extender that adheres to the EasyMesh standards. It was crucial that there was one Wi-Fi extender that had the EasyMesh certification to get the ball rolling on unified networks.

Wi-Fi Alliance earlier this year introduced the EasyMesh standard that would enable routers from multiple networks to work together. Routers and extenders adhering to the EasyMesh standards will now be able to connect networks from multiple different vendors. This will provide a simple and unified Wi-Fi network.

The Arris extender named VAP4641 will be one of the best extenders in the market. Being the first one is always a good thing, as it is generating a great deal of interest all around. It will have 4 x 4 antennas, 802.11 AC capability and will support speeds of Gigabit. This will help facilitate a seamless networking experience over great distances for the networks using the device at home or at the workplace. The devices that are EasyMesh compliant will be able to adapt to the existing home and workplace networks.