Pramata’s new suite of Analytics Apps bring Human-assisted AI and Visualization Capabilities

pramatas new suite of analytics apps bring human assisted ai and visualization capabilities

Pramata, commercial relationship Operations Company has just announced the alaunch of its summer17 release of solutions and apps for enterprises. The summer17 release features a new suite of applications that leverage machine learning and built-in analytics to gain valuable new insights from customer, partner and supplier data.

Pramata has pushed the boundaries a bit with the release. The new solutions set allows Pramata customers to  quickly operationalize commercial relationship data and deliver it to sales, legal, and finance teams to maximize revenue, compliance, and operational efficiencies by combining a software platform and human-assisted Artificial Intelligence (AI).

“Most software products give you tools and then ask you and your teams to do all the work populating the tools with your data. Pramata is the only business application that combines the software platform, analytics and normalized customer data to make an immediate business impact and capture each revenue moment,” said Justin Schweisberger, Pramata’s Chief Product Officer. “The addition of human-assisted AI ensures customer data is always complete, accurate and up-to-date, and our new applications solve targeted business problems resulting from gaps in the customer lifecycle.”

Along with its Summer17 release, Pramata also announced that it would be transiting its cloud operation to AWS over the next few months, and thus fully adopting virtualization as its primary cloud strategy. The Summer17 release and the new analytics apps are already available as an invite only beta for current customers and will be available for enterprises over the next six months.