Bensadoun School of Retail Management takes retail to the next level

mcgill retail school opened

Yesterday (Friday) McGill University’s Bensadoun School of Retail Management was officially opened. Bensadoun, founder of the footwear empire contributed $25-million donation to the school from Bensadoun Family Foundation and so his name was associated in the school’s name.

“Retail is really in a transformative phase, we don’t know how you, as a consumer, are going to shop tomorrow,” Bensadoun said. He added that consumers can shop anytime they are free, so retailers should be prepared to deliver the products and make sure it successfully reaches the consumer. 

Bensadoun thoughtfully invested because retail is not just accounting, math and balance sheets it has more to do like observing the behaviour, understanding and do the analytics part. McGill is one of the reputed universities he wanted to approach. No regrets at all!

Why was this retail school set up?

This idea triggered when a student named Charlotte Gaillard wanted to pursue her studies in retail field. She felt that retail is a booming industry and it’s in the period of transition.

Furthermore, the school announced that a PhD program will commence in the fall of 2019 and masters in management will kick-start in the year 2020.