Australia announces $55 million to boost security

australia announces 55 million

Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison addressed his nation in the wake on the New Zealand attack. During his address, as a precautionary measure, he announced $55 million for religious organizations in the country to increase the security at these premises.

Speaking at The Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce in Melbourne he emphasized that the migration issue must not be used as a proxy debate for “racial, religious or ethnic sectarianism.” “Tribalists constantly seek to appropriate legitimate policy issues and public concerns as a tool to promote their separatist and exclusive agendas. To contort and misrepresent disagreement in the worst possible terms,” the Prime Minister said.

He announced grants to increase security for religious organizations at their premises, including schools, and places of worship and assembly. These grants will range from $50,000 to $1.5 million for enhancements to CCTV cameras, lighting, fencing, bollards, alarms, security systems, and public address systems. A school security program has also been provided about $ 6 million a year to prevent attacks stemming from racial or religious intolerance.

The Aussie Prime Minister expressed his dismay at the situation as he believes religious organizations shouldn’t have such things to worry about. “It grieves me that this is necessary, but sadly it is,” he said.