Libya’s Tripoli Airport reopens after drone sightings

tripoli airport reopens

Tripoli Airport reopened after a brief closure after the reported drone sightings in the area. The residents of the Libyan capital had been spotting drones regularly over last week, so there was a confusion regarding why the airport was closed. The closure of the airport further worried the locals.

The Mitiga Airport at the capital had announced that the flights would be suspended citing the presence of drones in the area to ensure flight and passenger security. The airport’s Facebook page said that the decision was made because they had detected a drone at 5000 feet in the vicinity. The arrivals to the Mitiga Airport were redirected to the Misrata Airport instead.

There were rumors of the eastern-based Libya National Army (LNA) loyal to Khalifa Haftar seeking to gain control of the capital after having conquered much of the southern part of the country. Although the LNA leader did not express any desire to do so, LNA’s website carried a report last week that it could happen. The report on its website, also said that they were working with the people inside the city.

Other reports have said that the UN is mediating between Haftar and the government to prevent a military escalation in the country.