Safety concerns force Volkswagen to partially close its charging network

volkswagen closes charging network

The emissions scandal that rocked Volkswagen a couple of years ago resulted in the development biggest network of charging stations for electric cars in the US. But today, the charging network is facing a road bump as a safety issue popped up disrupting the VW’s charging networks: Electrify America.

The security concern has resulted in a partial shutdown of the high-powered charging cables, but the German manufacturer didn’t specify what exactly the issue was about. This has affected chargers using liquid-cooled cables by Huber+Suhner between 150 and 350 kilowatts. However, only about 80 charging stations will remain open.

Electrify America issued a statement saying, “The safety of our customers is our highest priority.” Although VW hasn’t issued any reasons, an incident in Germany with Huber+Suhner test site that short-circuited could be the reason for security concerns. A statement from Huber+Suhner says that the short circuit occurred in the plug of a first-generation prototype.

There hasn’t been any update or official statement from Electrify America yet. The company had set out to install 2,000 chargers across the US this year and was also successful in installing its first ultrafast 350 kW charger in California. Once things get back on track, it should be a smooth ride for Volkswagen soon.