Industry bigwigs rollout patches for ZombieLoad

zombieload patches released

The cybersecurity researchers had reported that ZombieLoad security flaw could unleash a horrendous chain of attacks worldwide. Although thus far the flaws have not caused any major damage, technology bigwigs like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple have released patches to avoid it from happening.

The ZombieLoad security flaw in the Intel processors allows malicious actors to steal data which has been accessed by the processor. The flaw threatens to steal information from cloud servers and virtual machines too. The reported attacks till now have been minor. But companies decided to pre-emptively curb the flaw.

Apple has released patches for all the Mac and MacBook systems released during and after 2011. Further, it has said that all systems running on Mojave 10.14.5 are safe from the issue. But it has also made it clear that some of the Mac systems may see its performance drop by 40% for those who go for the full set of mitigations. The security update is soon to be released for Sierra and Higher Sierra versions.

Microsoft too has released patches for its operating system and cloud. The software giant has advised its OS users to obtain the updates directly from device maker for their processors but the company itself has released its own microcode updates.

Amazon announced that it has updated AWS to prevent attacks. Mozilla and Google plan to release their fix soon.