California looking to ban facial recognition in police body cams

Daisie raises $2.5 million in seed funding round

Instagram pulls the plug on its Direct messaging app

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software vmware acquiring bitnami

VMware is acquiring Bitnami

software google rivet app

Google wants to redefine reading with Rivet app

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software new apple tv app released

The new Apple TV app goes live!

software apple app store monopoly lawsuit

Apple has a new challenge to face: App Store monopoly lawsuit

software digital wellbeing slows pixel

Digital Wellbeing software is reportedly slowing down Pixel phones

software buggy software in ankle monitors

A bad software update disrupted ankle monitors in Netherlands

software dell supportassist vulnerable to attacks

Dell’s SupportAssist puts users at risk

software netflix rolls out high quality audio

Netflix to make your binge-watching enjoyable

software google new tool tracks you

Google’s new tool can track your whereabouts and web activity

software azure sql database edge rolled out

Microsoft launches Azure SQL Database Edge

software mcd users account hacked

Hackers are trickily accessing McDonald’s users account

software uber app gets upgraded

Uber comes up with upgraded features in the app

software major developer apps removed

A major app developer has been banned from the Play Store

software overcast clip sharing feature

New feature on Overcast allows users to share podcast clips

software tobii privacy preserving software

Tobii’s software protects your computer screen from prying eyes

software snap working well on android

Rebuilt Android app works well for Snap

software tchap security flaw patched

Tchap launched with a patched security issue

software salesforce acquiring mapanything

Salesforce is acquiring MapAnything

software currents app replaces google plus

Google+ gets a replacement with the Currents app

software jumbo privacy app on ios

Jumbo on iOS boosts your privacy and cleans your social steps

software microsoft windows   quick removal

Actually, you don’t really need to ‘Safely Remove’ your USB

software snapchat rebuilds android app

Snapchat comes back stronger on Android

software bragi focus on software

Bragi lets go of its hardware business, to focus on software

software gmail anniversary email scheduling launch

Finally, email scheduling comes to Gmail for its 15th birthday

software microsoft refreshes surface book

Intel’s latest processor comes to Microsoft Surface Book 2

software watch  ecg released outside us

Even the non-US Apple watches get EKG feature with watchOS 5.2

software palantir wins us army contract

Palantir to make intelligence systems for the U.S. Army

software google launches ai ethics panel

Google launches an external panel to monitor unethical AI use

software google announces amp for email

Google announces more engaging and actionable email experiences

software ios      updates released

iOS 12.2 brings Apple News+ service, Animojis, and more features

software corning software hub montreal

Corning inaugurates a Software Innovation Center in Montreal

software tesla lawsuit against xpeng

Tesla files a lawsuit against XPENG that hired its dropout

software preshow app by stacy spikes

PreShow surpasses MoviePass already!

software microsoft chromium edge browser

A Microsoft-flavored Chromium-powered Edge browser is coming soon

software macos gets microsoft defender atp

Microsoft unveils a ‘dedicated’ Windows Defender for macOS

software nvidia gaugan produces real images

Nvidia GauGAN will let people create their own synthetic scenery

software canada gets call screen feature

Lives of Canadians made “easier and simpler” with Call Screen

software commercial facial recognition privacy act

A new bill proposes regulation over commercial facial recognition

software google android q developer beta pixel phones android apps phones

Google releases Android Q developer beta for ‘all’ Pixel users

software google lookout for blind

Google Lookout- a special app for visually impaired

software duckduckgo added in chrome

Google quietly adds privacy-focused DuckDuckGo to Chrome

software boeing     max software update

Boeing 737 MAX jets to get software updates in April

software apple march   th event

Big announcements from Apple on March 25th

software anduril industries in project maven

Anduril Industries may have owned Project Maven since long

software foursquare releases hypertrending feature

Foursquare wants to know if Hypertrending is ‘cool’ or ‘creepy’

software nypd use pattern recognition

Pattern Recognition Software helps cops to solve crime

software microsoft windows like chrome os

New Microsoft Windows styled like Chrome OS for dual screens

software presto brings tech to restaurants

Presto gathers $30 million to build “restaurants of the future”

software microsoft ceo defends hololens contract

Nadella reiterates on Microsoft’s responsibility to help the Army

software trimble xr   with builtin hololens

Trimble XR10 is a customized hardhat with a built-in HoloLens

software google assistant gets a button

Google Assistant can be accessed via buttons in the near future

software firefox for hololens

Firefox is coming to Microsoft’s HoloLens 2

software twitter redesigned conversations

Twitter asks the public to try out its redesigned replies design

software qualcomm next gen  g chip

Qualcomm talks about its second-gen 5G solution a year in advance

software xnor solar powered ai camera

AI models can be powered by a solar cell, says Xnor

software ubisoft mozilla develop clever commit

Ubisoft and Mozilla team-up to help identify potential bugs in code

software gmail gets revamped

Gmail is redesigned to alter the way you use inbox

software google hire goes global

G Suite to go global with its recruitment platform- Hire

software google tests maps ar feature

Google tests AR-feature to help people better navigate using Maps

software microsoft promotes office     suite

Microsoft defends Office 365 from the biggest competitor – ‘its own software’

software essential brings back newton mail

The Newton Mail comes back as Essential paves way

software google announces new apps

Google’s two new accessibility features help those hard of hearing

software mit opposes amazon selling recognition

Amazon defends Rekognition from MIT findings, which it says is outdated

software bud raises   m for banks

Bud gathers $20M to become the world’s largest ‘Open Banking’ team

software apple facebook enterprise certificate

Apple restores Facebook’s enterprise certificate

software apple ios blocks google

Apple blocks Google from distributing its internal iOS apps

software sarahah launches enoff app

Sarahah’s Enoff is intended to combat harassment, rather than foster it

software google banned ios app

Google withdraws its iOS app following Facebook’s recent stunt with Apple

software firefox    gives users more power to control ad trackers

Firefox 65 gives users more power to control ad trackers

software airbuddy app connects airpods

Connect AirPods to your computer with AirBuddy

software facebook moments will shut down

Bid adieu to Facebook Moments

software vizio sign up smartcast

Vizio is now letting you sign up for SmartCast 3.0 beta

software google oracle java fight

Google asks the Court to intervene in its battle with Oracle

software office mac app store

Microsoft Office 365 comes to Mac App Store

software tesla cars get sentry mode

Tesla cars with Autopilot get a “Sentry Mode” security system

software my business app upgrades

Search and Maps are added to Google’s My Business App

software microsoft project for visually impaired

Visually impaired kids can code with Microsoft’s new project

software lyft plans ar vr addition

AR and VR will soon join you on your Lyft rides

software fossil google enter new deal

Fossil to give away some of its intellectual property to Google

software third parties misused google maps

Google Maps is exploited by third-party service providers!

software android q leaked first look

Google’s mobile OS – Android Q, is getting darker and flexible

software qualcomm refused chips to apple

Apple wanted to use Qualcomm’s chips, but the chipmaker said ‘no’

software twitter beta testing new features

Twitter’s hack “to better navigate conversations” will be out for public-testing

software facebook app cannot be deleted

It is impossible to delete Facebook app on your smartphones

software vlc airplay support

VLC to offer AirPlay support

software synamedia rolled out ai software

Synamedia’s AI software can aid the streaming industry save billions of dollars

software deepsqueak by two scientists

What did the mice just say? DeepSqueak says it all

software sony blocks kodi

Sony desist Kodi in its new television sets

software whatsapp introduces private chat

Whatsapp rolls out a new feature to enhance the app experience

software android on google fuchsia

Android apps to run in Google’s Fuchsia

software windows    beats windows

Windows 10 is the most popular OS with a record-breaking share

software noa alexa skill reads news

Alexa streams news read by human narrators using Noa’s new feature

software apple eyes sony  d technology

Several companies, including Apple, may be interested in Sony’s 3D technology

software google wins lawsuit dismissal

Google wins dismissal of a 2016 lawsuit over facial recognition technology

software slack apologizes over account closures

Slack will block Iran-based activity to comply with U.S. sanctions

software doomba uses roomba map data

Doomba creates Doom levels using floor map data from Roomba robot

software doodles with google chrome canvas

Make doodles with Google Chrome Canvas

software serko to acquire interplx

Serko to obtain InterplX Inc

software firefox focus enhanced privacy

Firefox Focus now comes with enhanced privacy settings

software germany bans older apple iphones

Apple punched with a permanent injunction on iPhone sales in Germany

software microsoft unveils new office app

Microsoft announces new Office app with more features for free

software cydia closes jailbreak app

Cydia bids goodbye to the iOS jailbreak community

software ios update to fix china ban

Apple tries to fix iPhone ban in China with software update

software opera browser supports cryptocurrencies

Opera brings crypto-wallet to its browser

software lyft one stop transportation app

Lyft unveils an “all-in-one” transportation app in a few U.S. cities

software microsoft supports google chrome

Microsoft makes Google Chrome run better on Windows

software apple watchos update include ecg

Apple’s updated watchOS are most definitely “not” diagnostic tools

software ericsson software causes data outages

Ericsson’s faulty software causes widespread data outages

software google shuts down allo

Google pulls the plug on Allo

software powerpoint gets captions subtitles

Live captions and subtitles comes to PowerPoint

software amazon software reads medical records

Software that reads your medical records? Amazon's got it!

software turogo unlock cars using phone

Easily locate and unlock cars using smartphones, with Turo Go

software aws launch robomaker service

AWS RoboMaker help accelerate the time-consuming robotics development

software autodesk to acquire plangrid

Autodesk plans to go big on construction technology by acquiring PlanGrid

software facebook server software problem

Facebook is upset about the fury caused due to a server software problem

software att secure family app

AT&T Secure Family takes your family’s safety to the next level

software citrix acquiring sapho

Citrix is acquiring Sapho for $200 million

software uber joins linux foundation

The Linux Foundation welcomes Uber as a Gold member

software google maps adds messaging

Google Maps has just become yet another messaging app

software netflix updates app for ipad

Netflix updates its app for Apple iPad Pro

software firefox price wise email tabs

Firefox browser’s two new extensions track product price, and email links

software blockchain voting by west virginians

Blockchain app for voting booms as 150 West Virginians vote

software facebook launches lasso app

Facebook’s Lasso is a new app for short videos

software amazon offers rekognition to ice

Amazon will continue to support US ICE with its Rekognition software

software google android developers summit

Google’s Android Dev Summit is a treat to developers like always

software google pixel  ram update

Google’s new update to fix Pixel 3’s RAM management

software tesla auto parking technology summon

Tesla’s revamped technology lets you do more than “summoning” your car

software siri shortcuts update released

Weather, alarms, and timers come to Siri Shortcuts

software apple releases ios

iOS 12.1 will include Group FaceTime, Dual-SIM support, and 70 emojis

software google pixel  xl new notch

Bugs on Pixel 3 XL sprouts new notch

software google play pass subscription apps

New subscription service for apps from Google?

software ibm to acquire red hat

IBM’s Red Hat acquisition comes at the right time

software openstack releases software starlingx

The OpenStack Foundation rolls out StarlingX software

software grab partners with mastercard

Grab to collaborate with Mastercard to offer virtual debit cards

software microsoft unveils spend app

Microsoft rolls out an expense tracker for iOS called Spend

software google software for rounder screen

Google’s software makes Pixel 3’s screen rounder

software spotify launches wear os

The new Spotify app for Wear OS helps you Connect!

software paul allen passes away

Paul Allen, a Tech and Sports luminary passes away at 65

software honda and dot integration

Honda and department of transportation want Marysville to be a safer place

software microsoft office to get voice dictation

Dictation is coming to the Microsoft Office

software alltrails raises   m dollars

The AllTrails app gets a big boost and keeps hikers happy

software google translate adds    languages

Google Translate adds 13 new languages for easier translation

software google shuts down reply

Google ends its ‘smart replies’ by shutting down Reply

software apple acquired startup spektral

Apple’s next step in augmented reality ‘was’ a silent affair

software apple releases ios update

The Apple iOS update fixes issues with your iPhone

software microsoft releases patched update

Microsoft starts rolling out the patched up Windows 10 October update