Facebook is upset about the fury caused due to a server software problem

facebook server software problem

Since a few months, Facebook is undergoing a rough patch. Recently, Facebook was blamed for a security breach and yet again, it is under pressure. On Tuesday, Facebook users had trouble accessing the social network and its applications like Instagram. The company’s spokesperson gives justification by saying, "Earlier today, a server configuration caused intermittent problems across all apps globally, creating a degraded experience for users."

This is the second time that Facebook users are troubled with this issue. The company apologized users for the inconvenience and promised to resolve the problem. Downdetector exhibited a map which showed the rage happened in some parts of the world like Europe, North America, and Asia.

Twitter banter mocked Facebook by including jokes like people can survive without Facebook because they meet up with friends by flocking to Twitter while not using Facebook.

Facebook who owns Instagram, a photo-sharing platform and Whatsapp is under pressure from few weeks for its misinformation campaigns, and its hiring of a consultancy that sought to do damage control for the company. We have to wait and see what will be Facebook’s next step to tackle future issues.