Ubisoft and Mozilla team-up to help identify potential bugs in code

ubisoft mozilla develop clever commit

Game developer Ubisoft partners with Mozilla to develop an AI-based coding assistant, named Clever-Commit, to analyze and flag potential new bugs as the software code is committed.

Clever-Commit, unlike Mozilla’s creations, is not open source. “It’s being discussed. There are no plans for Clever-Commit to be open-sourced right now,” a Ubisoft spokesperson told while talking to a news website revealing the plans. The tool learns from the code base’s bug and regression data to help programmers evaluate whether or not a code change will introduce a new bug.

“Working with Mozilla on Clever-Commit allows us to support other programming languages and increase the overall performances of the technology. Using this tech in our games and Firefox will allow developers to be more productive as they can spend more time creating the next feature rather than fixing bugs,” said Mathieu Nayrolles, Technical Architect, Data Scientist, and member of the Technological Group at Ubisoft Montreal.

The tool – then called Commit-Assistant – was first demoed by Ubisoft and tested using data collected during game development. Now, with Mozilla participating in the project, Ubisoft will be served with Mozilla’s “programming language expertise in Rust, C++, and JavaScript, as well as expertise in C++ code analysis and analysis of bug tracking systems.”

“With a new release every 6 to 8 weeks, making sure the code we ship is as clean as possible is crucial to the performance people experience with Firefox,” wrote Mozilla’s Firefox release manager Sylvestre Ledru in a blog post. “The Firefox engineering team will start using Clever-Commit in its code-writing, testing and release process.”