People of Atlanta, Austin, and Boston can now try T-mobile for free!

tmobile offering free trials

The telecom giant T-Mobile is now offering a free trial to lure in more customers in three cities. The 30-day free trial has been launched and will be available for those in Austin, Boston, and Atlanta. The offer has now begun and will be applicable for new customers for a limited time only. As soon as you avail T-Mobile’s service, the company will send you a SIM via two-day shipping and a Wi-Fi hotspot. Customers will be able to connect any phone to the Wi-Fi hotspot to check out the T-Mobile network.

There are limitations to what they are offering though, if you finish up the 30GB offered within the offered trial period then the trial ends at the very point. The customers availing the offer will be also getting 200MB of data for roaming.

There has been no news from the telecommunications company of any extension of the free 30-day trial in more US cities. So, the users in these three cities can give the offer a go for a month and at least try the T-Mobile network which provides fairly decent performance.