WekaIO comes out of stealth with revolutionary cloud-scale storage

wekaio comes out of stealth with revolutionary cloud scale storage

WekaIO has finally emerged from stealth with the launch of its first cloud services product. The venture backed company is releasing the industry’s first cloud-native scalable file system that delivers unprecedented performance to applications, scaling to Exabytes of data in a single namespace.

The San Jose based startup which was founded in 2013 is the first to develop a software platform that harnesses flash technology to create a high-performance parallel scale out file storage solution for both on-premises servers and public clouds. It also is the world’s fastest distributed file system, processing four times more workload when compared to biggies like the IBM Spectrum scale.

“Data is at the heart of every business but many industries are hurt by the performance limitations of their storage infrastructure,” said Michael Raam, president and CEO of WekaIO. “We are heralding a new era of storage, having developed a true scale-out data infrastructure that puts independent, on-demand capacity and performance control into the hands of our customers. It’s exciting to be part of a company that delivers a true revolution for the storage industry.”

According to Standard Performance Evaluation Corp. (SPEC®) SFS 2014, an independent industry benchmark, WekaIO completed 1,000 simultaneous software builds compared to 240 on IBM’s high-end FlashSystem® 900, while Utilizing only 120 cloud compute instances with locally attached storage.

The reason for this is simple. WekaIO challenges conventional wisdom when it comes to performance, scalability and cloud economics. It eliminates bottlenecks and storage silos by aggregating local SSDs inside the servers into one logical pool. This is then presented as a single namespace to the host applications. This approach by WekaIO is showing evident results and sending Fortune 500 companies into a haze.