Acumatica releases new Cloud ERP functionality with the latest 2021 version


Acumatica releases new Cloud ERP functionality with the latest 2021 version

Acumatica,a technology provider that develops cloud and browser-based enterprise resource planning software has unveiled the latest version of its ERP software, Acumatica 2021 R1. The release brings in comprehensive updates that provide better usability and functionality with its powerful, flexible cloud platform.

“Acumatica delivers award-winning usability unrivaled in the industry. It consistently ranks highest in usability in the industry due to our modern UI and flexible workflows. As a 100% browser-based cloud ERP, users can access their data from any location using an internet-connected device, said Jon Roskill, CEO of Acumatica.

The release also includes new additions based on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. It includes a feature that provides mobile image recognition for business cards. Also,new KPI tracking capabilities in dashboards have been implemented alongwith enhancements to the workflow engine. With this version, Acumatica has also added French-Canadian language support.

Besides the platform enhancements mentioned above, Acumatica has also introduced several other features. These enhancements include the ability to navigate to external URLs from General Inquiry results. There are also new financial dashboards. This update will help both accounts receivable and accounts payable teams manage invoices and vendors.

The new business card app can extract contact information from an image and allow the user to map different text fields on contact, saving time. Acumaticawill also provide notifications when contacts are duplicated and will assist with deduplication.There are several enhancements to the Payroll Batch Process, including importing time into payroll batches.

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