Alexa Facebook hires 1,000 more people for better ad review

Facebook hires 1,000 more people for better ad review


Facebook hires 1,000 more people for better ad review

Facebook’s been in troubled waters over the last couple of weeks. The company said that at least 10 million people have seen the Russia’s divisive elections ads. The ads were largely focused on polarizing issues that included LGBT treatment, race, gun rights, and immigration.

Facebook said that 44% of the ads seen before the US election and 56% after, while 25% of the ads were never shown to anyone. 50% of the ads got less than $3 in ad spend, and 99% got less than $1,000. Some were purchased with Russian currency. This doesn’t mean that Facebook should have automatically rejected them as many legit ads pay in a similar manner.

And now, Facebook is hiring 1,000 people to its global ads review team over the next year. In the light of these events, Facebook aims to ensure that it tightens the review of ads before they go on the social networking platform. And thus, anyone can see an ad run by an organization on Facebook instead of only ads targeted to them.

Facebook also announced specifics of how it will implement changes to its advertising systems in order to thwart abuse and, specifically, election interference, which CEO Mark Zuckerberg promised last week. He later asked for forgiveness for how his products have been used to divide people.

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