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Google Hire for Business Recruitment


Google Hire for Business Recruitment

Google launched a new service called Hire that helps businesses to manage their internal hiring process more effectively. The service builds on G Suite that allows employers gain access to contact info, resume, and other info of the candidates. It even allows business partners to share their feedback within candidate’s profile. And candidates can even view their progress through the interview process.

After the successful launch of Google for Jobs which is a platform to help job seekers find the right job, Google has moved further. This new tool is aimed for businesses and employers to efficiently manage their candidates. Google Hire is aiming achieve to put away with manually tracking the candidates.

The overlay of Google Hire is quite simple and adds an organizational functionality over Gmail. The entire process is synced with various Google communications including Gmail. So instead of creating and documenting the details and notes of the various stages of the interview, Google Hire lets you keep everything in one place. This is how both recruiters and candidates know their status. 

Google product manager Berit Johnson said in a statement, “Hire and G Suite are made to work well together so recruiting team members can focus on their top priorities instead of wasting time copy-pasting across tools.

Google has been testing Google Hire for more than a year now, before launching it in public now. The company also added to say that the information voluntarily shared by the candidate is only passed onto to prospective employers. Although it remains unclear whether it will also recommend candidates similar jobs based on the shared data. Maybe Google Hire may lead to further verticals with specific goals and targets in the days to come.

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