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Scan business cards contacts with Microsoft Pix and find them on LinkedIn


Scan business cards contacts with Microsoft Pix and find them on LinkedIn

Microsoft Pix, the AI-powered smart camera app has added a new feature to it. Microsoft is bringing back the age-old business card scanner to Microsoft Pix. Users can upload business card information into their iPhone Contact and at the same time, check out their LinkedIn account.

The process is quite simple. All you need to do is open Microsoft Pix app; point your phone’s camera at the business card. The app will instantly recognize that it’s a business card and ask the actions you wish to do with it. You can then add the person’s information from the card to your contacts. There’s even an option called “Find on LinkedIn” that will you to their profile, where you can then add them to your connections.

“It’s the combination of both understanding and intelligently acting on a users’ intent that sets Pix apart. Today’s update works with LinkedIn to add yet another intelligent dimension to Pix’s capabilities,” said Josh Weisberg, a Microsoft Research principal program manager in a statement.

Ever since Microsoft bought LinkedIn, it has been integrating it with other apps and products. Last year, the company linked with LinkedIn, making it easier to link outlook contacts and LinkedIn profiles. More recently, Microsoft even released LinkedIn-powered Resume Assistant for Office 365 subscribers.


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