Alexa Samsung releases Enterprise Edition for the Note 8
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Samsung releases Enterprise Edition for the Note 8


Samsung releases Enterprise Edition for the Note 8

Samsung is particularly addressing business users with a new edition. The company is giving a big push of its Note 8 smartphone with a special release of an Enterprise Edition. The enterprise edition comes with PC-class support.

The new edition is pretty much how an enterprise release would sound like. The phone is the usual phablet that comes in an unlocked version. However, the phone is decked out with a bunch of business-focused software that is particularly featured with a design to add security to sensitive information and make it easier for IT to work with.

“Modern enterprises are dealing with a conflict when it comes to their mobile strategies—a push and pull between what they require of IT to keep organizations secure and productive, and what their employees have come to expect when using mobile devices.  We call this the IT Paradox…” says Samsung’s VP Eric McCarty.

The phone also comes with Samsung Knox Configure and Samsung Enterprise Firmware Over the Air (E-FOTA). These are designed for the IT department to configure settings remotely. There are many companies that are taking Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to a new edge. For instance, the Blackberry hardware is predominantly enterprise-focused. With Samsung’s latest release, the company is taking BYOD to a new level. The enterprise edition phones are priced at $994, that’s about $50 more than the non-enterprise counterpart.


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