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SYSPRO wins IDC customer satisfaction awards program


SYSPRO wins IDC customer satisfaction awards program

SYSPRO, an industry-built ERP software provider, has been recognized as a leading ERP vendor in the IDC customer satisfaction awards program (CSAT). In the evaluation, customers were asked to rate their vendors on more than 30 different metrics in IDC’s SaaSPath survey. The survey got responses from approximately 2,000 organizations across all geographic regions and company sizes.

SYSPRO was placed in the highest-scoring group of ERP vendors with factors such as ease of integration and enterprise-level customer support. SYSPRO was identified as a trusted brand with a commitment to customers through industry specialization.SYSPRO is a software development company that provides integrated business software, accounting, manufacturing, and distribution operations across various industries.

“The honor of being recognized in this awards program is a testament to SYSPRO’s continued commitment to customer-centricity. SYSPRO is built to deliver industry-specific functionality for Manufacturers and Distributors, and through industry specialization, we are able to remain focused on delivering optimized performance,” said Paulo De Matos, Chief Product Officer at SYSPRO.

The participants of the survey went through an extensive screening process to ensure they knew about the technologies appropriately before they are voting for, currently using the software, and can buy the technology for their company in the future.“SYSPRO performed well against other ERP vendors in areas in which technology buyers believe the greatest vendor challenges currently exist. This includes areas such as implementation experiences and customer experience,”said Eric Newmark, Program Vice President and lead analyst behind the awards program.

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