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Microsoft procures CyberX to upsurge IoT deployments for customers

Microsoft procured a security startup named CyberX with the aim of boosting and safeguarding customers’ Internet of Things (IoT) deployments. The amount of the deal was not revealed but media r... Read more

NIST released a set of guidelines for IoT device manufacturers

NIST disclosed two publications with the aim of providing cybersecurity guidance and suitable practices specific for companies manufacturing IoT devices as a part of cybersecurity for IoT program. Thi... Read more

Nick Viney is the newly appointed leader of Telco

Avast, a digital security provider announced of appointing Nick Viney as Senior Vice President and General Manager for its Telco, Internet of Things (IoT) and Family business unit. Viney’s respo... Read more

WISeKey International Holding makes changes to its IoT patent

WISeKey International Holding has given a new look to its IoT patent for digital authenticationto safeguard important goods in the US, Australia, Switzerland, Brazil, Canada, Singapore and India. This... Read more

Supermicro launches intelligent retail edge solution

An enterprising computing, storage, networking solutions and green computing technology company, Super Micro Computer, is bringing forth a customizable integrated platform aiming retail and chain stor... Read more

Microsoft will further lead the way of overall IoT platform

Microsoft Azure IoT platform is dominating the entire Internet of Things (IoT) landscape in Edge IoT, Cloud IoT and Platform Performance categories. Huawei is ranked number three for offering edge to ... Read more

Organizations to adopt IoT in utilities over COVID-19

Companies are forced to adapt the trending utility and to use and enhance integration with technology along with IoTdue to the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic has drastically changed the way people u... Read more