Microsoft announces Azure Security Center for IoT


Microsoft announces Azure Security Center for IoT

Next week at Hannover Hesse, Microsoft plans to unveil its Azure Security Center for IoT which it has announced today on its blog post. The Azure Security Center for IoT will be the world’s first comprehensive security offering for IoT.

The announcement, aimed at manufacturers will benefit customers from a holistic view of their IoT security with the ever-evolving threat landscape. The Center will be able to inspect and monitor the security properties of devices and workloads for potential attacks.

In the blog post, Sam George, Director at Azure of Things wrote: “Azure has unique threat intelligence sourced from the more than 6 trillion signals that Microsoft collects every day and makes that available to customers in Azure Security Center.”

The announcement is bound to be appreciated by the manufacturing industry as the offering by Microsoft will help mitigate the attack surface of Azure IoT solutions running across all their operations. This will also help them remediate issues by application of analytics and machine learning before they become too serious. In addition to this, Microsoft has enhanced the capabilities of the Azure Sentinel. The customers will now be able to amalgamate their IoT security data with the security data from across the enterprise to mitigate threats.

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