The Connect X System for iPhone X is a Next-Level Mobile Photography Solution


The Connect X System for iPhone X is a Next-Level Mobile Photography Solution

Olloclip, the smartphone accessories makers had recently launched a set of lenses exclusively for the new iPhone X – Connect X System. The base kit includes a mount, a mini tripod stand, and a pair of lenses. The lens set includes a super-wide four-element lens with a 120° field of view, a fish-eye lens with a 180° wide-angle spherical effect, and when unscrewed becomes a 15x Macro lens.

The mount covers both the front and rear-facing cameras of the iPhone, including the TrueDepth camera used for facial recognition. Unfortunately, this requires you to either remove the lens or demount the whole system to use the Face ID. And fortunately, the mount would not require a special phone case; however, Olloclip sells a slim cover for $29.99.

Users can even insert the old Olloclip lenses into the new mount. And photographs with high precision and clarity using the Olloclip lenses does not require a flash. The Connect X System is open for sale since last month, with Olloclip, Amazon, and Apple stores at a price of $99.95 for a base kit – Mobile Photography Box Set. The Connect X System’s release was accompanied with two extra lenses – a 155° field-of-view Ultra-Wide lens and a 2x optical zoom Telephoto, which would cost an extra 60-80 dollars each.

Connect X System is trending regardless of the difficulties involved in carrying and handling a whole lot of accessories for a good picture.

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