Its game time! You can now find robots that can fly, drive and play Jenga


Its game time! You can now find robots that can fly, drive and play Jenga

The students of Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering invented robots that can assist surgeries along with search and rescue missions, explore outer space and play top games like connect 4 and Jenga.

At the Homewood campus, graduate-level Robot Systems Programming students displayed robotics projects in demonstrations bringing in variety of iot robots. Students there developed robots which can perform multi tasks like self-driving cars and flying drones.    

"There are many jobs that will require a robot to do the same thing repetitively. Take a welding job—a robot will need to perform the welding job the same way every time. These are jobs that require coordination, dexterity and strategy—just like Jenga," Lin, a master's student in robotics said.

Louis Whitcomb, professor of mechanical engineering who taught the course for 5 years said that this year students came up with diverse and largest invention compared to previous years. The strength in the class included both graduate and undergraduate students from mechanical engineering as well as the Whiting School's robotics master's program.

For final projects students had to prove their robots are capable of multi tasking. In addition to this, students also worked on drones, model robotics electric cars, and Turtlebots equipped with open source software. One team will get an opportunity to showcase their invention on the international stage.

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