Jaybird's Run is a wow gadget that'll make you forget wires


Jaybird's Run is a wow gadget that'll make you forget wires

Its booming time for wireless earbuds and looks like everyone’s behind the rush to make them work seamlessly. Jaybird has launched its own set of wireless earbuds and calls it Run earbuds. Jaybird is owned by Logitech and has in fact been a long time competitor for Bluetooth headphones.

The Run comes with a sound that’s on par with Jaybird’s other headsets. There’s another improvement that benefits all. Through the company’s ample experience over the years, the product is designed in such a way that it fits for a variety of ear shapes and sizes.

Find my Buds

The device comes with a feature that helps you find your earbuds if you happen to lose them. The feature is called ‘Find My Buds’ and helps you locate them if you happen to misplace one or both. Additionally, the battery has a strong seller factor. The Run can run for four hours of battery life under normal conditions, along with additional 8 hours of charge built into the battery case they ship with.

The device is designed for intense workouts as it is sweat proof and water resistant. Don’t be surprised if you forget that you’re actually wearing the device itself as it’s really comfy and produces a pleasing full sound.

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