This tiny wearable is keeping an eye on you! BEWARE


This tiny wearable is keeping an eye on you! BEWARE

In the growing sensor technology, there is yet another development. Researchers from Tufts University School of Engineering developed a small wearable which could stick on human tooth unnoticed. This solution helps scrutinize the dietary intake. This new improvement in IoT field could save many lives from perishing.

This device helps doctors detect patient’s actual chemical intake. This means doctors can detect problem early instead of waiting for any emergency to occur.

Fiorenzo Omenetto, one of the authors on the project’s upcoming white paper, told “While we are aware about what we ingest, we may indulge (or deal with overeating pathologies). On the other hand, sampling and monitoring analytes in the oral cavity could help in a number of ways.”

Be sure that this device is of great help and can make no mistake. It’s worth appreciating the efforts team is making to save lives. As a fact of reality, these technologies can make medicine less about ‘the average person’ and more about the individual.

This technology also highlights the urgent need for the development of tools and methods for consumers, patients, and unwitting targets to gain control of their data and defend against its unwanted collection and use.

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