Robots don't take away your job, they ease your job

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Robots don't take away your job, they ease your job

A&K Robotics founded by three university researchers Kung, Matthew Anderson, and Jessica Yip is happily presenting a robot which can clean floors. This robot will be working for two buildings on UBC’s campus.

Owners of this robot want to make it part of their life for a long run. "Today marks the beginning of a new future," said Anson Kung, co-founder of A&K Robotics.

Yip and Kung said that A&K Robotics is distinguished from other companies because it focuses on floor cleaning machines used by custodians and it is flexible to operate. Yip joked by saying, anyone can use this robot, even people with an arts degree like her. "It's super intuitive," she said.

Anson Kung said that when the firm started four years ago, the trio had a vision to change the world for better. And they knew robotics was the next big thing that will change the world.

UBC Building Operations associated with A&K Robotics in the trial for the technology with its custodian staff. Already two of its robotic floor cleaners are used at UBC’s Henry Angus and Life Sciences buildings. By November five-set will be in place.

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