Accenture Launches Solution for COVID-19 Vaccination Programs

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Accenture Launches Solution for COVID-19 Vaccination Programs

Accenture has launched a vaccine management solution that promises to help governments and healthcare organizations develop COVID-19 vaccination programs, related distribution and communication initiatives.

The new solution from Accenture is bringing its industry, analytics and consulting experience. It also brings to the table components that are built on the Salesforce platform. The solution also expands on Accenture’s contact tracing capability. It has components that can help organizations with supply management, community education and engagement, analytics and reporting, and organizational support.

“Our solution is designed to meet widely varying needs for developing, launching and running mass immunization programs by public authorities and healthcare bodies around the world,” said Ryan Oakes, senior managing director of Accenture’s global public sector practice. The solution by Accenture will be crucial for many concerned companies and the public all over the world as the efforts need to be concentrated on getting out a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible.

Accenture has been working with a few companies to raise its efforts to augment the development of Covid vaccines. In May, Accenture started working with Salesforce to build public health and care management solutions as an inaugural partner for Work.com. This was a set of solutions by Salesforce to help organizations work safely.


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