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AMD is ready to end NVIDIA's reign with new line of GPU's and APU

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AMD is ready to end NVIDIA's reign with new line of GPU's and APU

Have you been wondering what AMD has been up to? Well the rumor mills have. The tech community has been abuzz with rumors of AMD's new Vega architecture, the successor of Polaris which powers its present Graphic Cards. AMD has finally come out with an answer with the announcement of Vega Frontier edition, the first in its new line of GPU's built around the Vega architecture.

The announcement came at AMD's presentation to financial analyst today, tailing NVIDIA's announcement of Titan Xp. AMD are calling the Vega, 'the most powerful graphic card in the world for AI and applications'. Built for heavy computing like VR, AI and Machine Learning, the new power packed Graphic card will not be available for gamers.

It has 64 computing units with an estimated 12.5 Terra FLOPs of single precision processing power. While it is power packed providing speeds up to 25 Terra FLOPS in FP 16 and 13 Terra Flops in the high performance FP 32, it also features 16 GB bandwidth and 8k support. Now that is a lot of power.

For AMD loyalists, the good news does not end here. AMD confirmed the release of its mammoth processor, the Ryzen Threadripper which is a 16 core, 32-thread monster. Although it was announced that it will be out this year, no other specifications about the product have been provided as of yet.

On the other end of the spectrum, AMD is releasing the mobile version of its Ryzen processor, made for gaming laptops, Chromebooks and 2 in 1's are confirmed to be released in the 3rd quarter of this year.  It's the company's first APU (accelerated processing unit) based on its Zen architecture and incorporates Vega-based graphics processing on-die.

A lot more is coming from AMD in the 3rd quarter. It has confirmed that Ryzen 3, a low end processor joining the Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 that targets cheaper systems is bound to be released in the third quarter. AMD also has something for enterprises with the new workstation-optimized Ryzen Pro buffed with more commercial security and management hooks is set to release later this year. All this in a year, after this kind of presentation boy, Wall Street is sure to be happy.

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