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Amino will find you an Experienced Doctor

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Amino will find you an Experienced Doctor

In the western world, the medical fraternity has undergone a digital revolution. Hospitals, doctors, clinics and labs are all having a digital imprint. A few companies have taken this information and created online directories where a doctor, a hospital, a lab etc. can be found with the help of a few clicks. A patient can easily find a doctor of his/her choice and book appointments as well. However, finding an experienced doctor with respect to your requirement is a pain.

Amino is a US based startup company that promises to solve this issue. It analyzes the health insurance claims of 188 million Americans and find out the experience of doctors with respect to specialty. While searching Amino’s database, users must name the kind of doctor they want to see, their health insurance company, their age, and their gender. Amino then draws on the health insurance claims to give a list of experienced doctors in a geographic area. A search for "celiac disease" in Manhattan will return the names of doctors who treat patients with that condition.

As Amino works with health insurance claims, it may make some people uncomfortable. The company might find it difficult to convince its audience that the information presented to them in the form of numbers and graphs instead of patient reviews is actually useful.

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