Launch of C3 AI CRM Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Announced

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Launch of C3 AI CRM Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Announced

Master innovators Microsoft, Adobe, and C3.ai have come together to announce the launch of C3 Ai CRM. The CRM is one of its kind and the very first enterprise-class AI CRM that is built for industries. It will be powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 and integrate with Adobe Experience Cloud.

“We’re proud to partner with C3.ai and Microsoft to advance the imperative for digital customer engagement,” said Shantanu Narayen, president and CEO of Adobe. “The unique combination of Adobe Experience Cloud, the industry-leading solution for customer experiences, together with the C3 AI Suite and Microsoft Dynamics 365, will enable brands to deliver rich experiences that drive business growth.”

The world’s first AI-driven CRM is built with modern AI-first architecture and integrates vast amounts of structured and unstructured data from enterprise and extraprise sources to derive real-time insights across the entire supply chain. The joint solution will offer an integrated ecosystem that will help customers take advantage of leading CRM capabilities along with an integrated ecosystem with Azure, Microsoft 365, and the Microsoft Power Platform.

C3 AI CRM helps the team to forecast revenue accurately, accurately predict product demand, identify and reduce customer churn, identify highly-qualified prospects, next-best offer, next-best product, AI-driven segmentation, marketing, and targeting.

C3 AI CRM is now available with Adobe Experience Cloud but is sold separately. C3 AI CRM powered by Dynamics 365 will be available from C3.ai, Adobe, Microsoft, and through the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketplace.

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