The first-ever AI-focused degree offered by Carnegie Mellon

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The first-ever AI-focused degree offered by Carnegie Mellon

There’s an increasing demand for specialists in the field of AI, machine learning, and other IT services. Large companies like Google and others are constantly progressing with AI. This is why the Carnegie Mellon University is launching the first AI-focused undergraduate degree in the US, as there is a dire need.

Of course, the university is the best place to offer specialized courses and an undergraduate degree. The institution has received the top rank in a recent study of the top AI graduate programs in the country. The dedicated AI course will strengthen its position further. The AI-based course will part of the Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science. Students who wish to specialize in AI will need to be admitted to the computer science program and then take up the major in AI in their second year.

The course will focus on complex inputs like vision, language, and databases. “It will also emphasize ethics and social responsibility to encourage students to use AI for social good, such as improving healthcare and transportation,” said the new AI program directors, Reid Simmons.

The university has said that it will accept only 100 students for the course which means there will be a tough battle to get into the course. The course will kick-start this fall and will be offered as an option for the second and third-year students.

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