Alexa Charge up with Quick Charge 4+ by Qualcomm
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Charge up with Quick Charge 4+ by Qualcomm

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Charge up with Quick Charge 4+ by Qualcomm

Qualcomm introduces new powerful battery Quick Charge 4+. Unfortunately it is still unavailable in the US but is currently available in Nubia’s latest phone Numbia Z17 in China for now. The Quick Charge 4+ is the updated version of Qualcomm Quick Charge 4 and it can extend battery up to 30 percent more.

On a daily basis, an average person is more concerned about his battery running out, rather than bad network connection or slower processing. With the new Quick Charge 4+, Qualcomm has boasted about some of its promising features, which are Intelligent Thermal Balancing and Dual Charge.

Taking a closer look at what Intelligent Thermal Balancing is, it’s capable of passing the current through the coolest pathways or routes to prevent slowing down of your mobile through overheating while you put your phone on charge.

Dual Charge feature divides the charge current due to two management integrated circuits. This not only charges the phone faster, with reduction charge time by 15 percent, but also decreases the phone temperature by 3°C.

Another plus point of the updated battery is that it monitors both the phone and the connector’s temperature to avoid any sort of damage or short circuit allowing you to charge your phone without those worries.

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