DJI launches new 4K footage camera Osmo Pocket

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DJI launches new 4K footage camera Osmo Pocket

Osmo Pocket is the latest device by DJI. The device is a small handheld stabilizer camera that can take pictures and footages like a drone. In fact, the Osmo Pocket can even be compared to a GoPro. Of course, the GoPro is made for a harder wear and tear, but the footage from the Osmo Pocket is definitely noteworthy.

Coming to the specifications, the Osmo Pocket is gaining popularity for its size. The photography device stands just four inches tall and weighs a little more than a hundred grams (116 grams). When switched off, the camera is tilted perfectly that makes the device fit into a small case. You can then carry it in your pocket, aptly fitting its name!

The gimbal mount for the camera is a three-axis one. It can capture 4K footage at 100 Mbps at 60 frames per second. When fully charged, the Osmo Pocket can last up to two hours in 4K video shooting mode and slows down at 30 frames per second. The images that are captured are 12 megapixels. There are dual microphones for recording audio.

Also, the Osmo Pocket has a one-inch touchscreen. If you need to toggle through the settings or frame your picture, you have just one inch of space! DJI has priced the device at $349. The shipping will begin from December 15.

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