Alexa Facebook's AI can turn you into a fashionista

Facebook's AI can turn you into a fashionista

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Facebook's AI can turn you into a fashionista

The social media giant is working on a new AI that will turn you into a fashionable person. Called the Fashion++, the AI experiment is based on neural networks and will help you with your daily styling.

The Fashion++ isn’t a system that would suggest a user to buy items to improve the look. Instead, its focus is on making minimal changes to your look-of-the-day to improve it even further. For instance, it can ask you to roll up your sleeves to bring forth a casual look or even suggest a shirt tuck-in for better styling.

The official Facebook blog on Fashion++ explained that the AI was shown thousands of images on outfits which were “fashionable.” The AI can now suggest on what to add, remove or swap to make you look better.

Facebook believes that soon the AI could be good enough to make suggestions or even inspire fashion designers to create new looks.

What’s promising is that the AI does not suggest new items to buy to improve your look and focuses on subtle changes to enhance what you have on. Facebook may be on to something here with its Fashion++.

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