Facebook's Viewpoints app will pay you for answering surveys

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Facebook's Viewpoints app will pay you for answering surveys

Facebook is infamous for collecting data or at least for keeping it safe, but it seems like the company’s thirst for data never ends. Lately, Facebook has introduced a new survey app called Facebook Viewpoints that awards points for participation and once you bag enough points, Facebook pays you.

Facebook Viewpoints collects your name, email address, country of residence, date of birth, and gender and the app extracts all that from your Facebook account. Once this happens, the interface takes you to “programs” which are surveys basically that award you points for completion. Once you have 1000 points, Facebook sends you $5 through PayPal.

After the endless controversies, Facebook is finally laying out some ground rules this time. For instance, the IT service giant says that your data will be safe with Facebook this time and it won’t sell it to third parties and will use it for the development of in-house products only.

Viewpoints are still on the rollout and therefore not many details are out yet. One of the screenshots revealed a 15-minute survey with around 83 questions that awards 1000 points. Facebook is not alone in the survey business; Google has had its Opinion Rewards app for a long time now and is much more reliable in terms of security.

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