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No more digital magazines in Google News

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No more digital magazines in Google News

Google News ends paid magazine subscriptions for its users. The news was confirmed by Android police who said that the News team sent an email to all customers stating the company is discontinuing print-replica magazines in Google News.

According to Google, customers will no longer be able to purchase new magazine issues anymore but fortunately, users can keep accessing old issues that are in the Google News app through the Following or favorites tab.

Google started this service through Playstore in 2012 along with movies and TV shows. Later these were made available for free to print subscribers after a year and then the service was later made part of News. According to the email that was sent out, the News team asks its customers to visit websites of the publications individually and then subscribe to it – if they intend to keep accessing their content.

Also if there’s an outstanding subscription, the amount will be refunded by the IT services giant within next month or so, depending on the type of payment. The end of magazine content was predicted as Google had earlier halted its web interface a year ago.

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