Alexa Google provides easy access to Oscar nominated movies

Google provides easy access to Oscar nominated movies

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Google provides easy access to Oscar nominated movies

Google is now making it easier for users to search for Oscar-related content on its search platform. The company announced this news yesterday and said that Google Search will now have a ‘dedicated experience’ for Oscars 2020.

The new feature will show things like the event’s history, previous winners and current nominees. Users will be able to find all sorts of information about the 2020 Oscars simply by searching for things like an actor’s name with the word ‘Oscars’ in the search query.

Google will then present the user with live images of the starts at the event from Getty and from video highlights directly from ABC. The keyword ‘Oscars 2020’ will present a series of short-form videos from nominated actors, costume designers, film editors and more.

Google Trends is also utilized by the IT service giant to show data on movies, stars, directors and others who are related to the Oscars. Users can also view the top searches, trends and more. This feature will be available after the Oscars as well.

Users can also simply ask Google Assistant for information regarding the Oscars if they are too lazy to type. They can initiate by asking questions like who won Best Picture etc. Google will also be making several gifs of Oscars moments available on its Tenor platform.

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