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Finally Google Tasks lands in Google Calendar

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Finally Google Tasks lands in Google Calendar

Users have long been asking for the integration of Google Tasks in the Google Calendar and the IT services giant has finally rolled out a new update to address the request.

XDA developers looked into the new update and have shared several secrets. The APK breakdown revealed several new features for Google Calendar and the newly integrated Google Tasks. Currently, the update is available for some users only.

For the ones who received the app update, they can check out the new features. Users could simply tap a date to create a new Calendar item and there it is – Reminder, Task, and Event should all appear right in front of you. If it doesn’t show up you’ll have to wait another couple of weeks.

If you tap Task, a preview to select date will appear and then options on how to repeat the reminder of the said Task will appear after. There’s also a provision to add your Task to a list and then you’ll be given the option to choose a time range.

The latest version of Google Calendar also has a “Task notifications” area in the “Notifications list.” Users can toggle “Show notifications” and exclusively assign it just for Task notifications in Calendar. Various modes of alerting are also available along with a pop-up screen for Task notifications.

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